Vrontos.Com offers a wide range of logistics services, though, as you can see above, it is specialised in the trasportation of bulk products.

Dry Bulk Transports with 20-30-40ft containers.
Silo to Silo transports of granules and powders


The ideal solution for the bulk shipping of materials with the benefit of minimizng the package, handling and transportation cost.

Liquid Bulk Transports with Flexitanks.
Transportation of liquid foodstuffs and NON HAZARDOUS chemicals


The flexitank is an equipment that transforms a standard 20ft container into a tank for transportation of liquid products. The volumes that can be loaded maintain between 16000lit and 24500 lit.

Liquid Bulk Transports with ISO TANKS.
Transportation of liquid foodstuffs, HAZARDOUS and NON HAZARDOUS chemicals.


ISO tanks is the safest, most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way to transport both the hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquids. 

Liquid Bulk Transports with CBCs. 
Transportation of liquid foodstuffs and NON HAZARDOUS chemicals.
The alternative to carrying and storing non hazardous bulk liquid, chemicals and foods. A CBC consists of a SeaPodd and a 20ft ISO Box Container.
International Transports and Logistics services for general cargo.
Complete services for container transports and logistics services