Liquid Bulk Transports with CBC (Container Bottle Combination)

What is the CBC


The CBC is HOYER's patent and consists of a SeaPodd Tank and a modified 20 foot container.



Technical details


  • MAWP 0.0 bar (0.0 psig)

  • Water CapacityQ 25.175 liters (6.651 gallons)

  • TemperatureQ °0 to 56 °C

  • CBC Tare: kgs (7.396 lbs)

What can be carried with a CBC


The CBC can be used for the transportation of NON HAZARDOUS products and FOODSTUFFS.

Why to use a CBC


  • Stronger than a flexitank

  • Cheaper than an ISO TANK

  • The CBC can be also used as storage tank at a lower storage cost compared with the ISO TANKS